Workstation Assessments

Workstation Assessment 

Risk of injury from poor workstation set up is high, with injury usually developing over time due to the repetitive strain placed upon the body. The most common injuries are musculoskeletal complaints, in fact musculoskeletal complaints are the most common form of ill health in the UK. With back pain, neck pain and upper limb pain commonly affected due to repetitive poor posture.  

The MJB Clinic provides qualified osteopaths and qualified (DSE/VSE) workstation assessors, who will help prevent injury by providing a comprehensive workstation assessment.

What is a workstation assessment? 

The MJB Clinic will provide an examination of a users workstation, to both prevent & ensure it will not cause harm to the user. This will assess all aspects of your working environment ranging from the height and position of your desk chair and monitor to how the lighting may affect you.

Why should I have a workstation assessment?

  In relation to health & safety executive, employers have an obligation to provide workstation assessments. But importantly it helps minimise the risk of injury, and promoting productivity within the workspace.

I am already in pain, should I still have a workstation assessment?

Yes, most defiantly! Here at the MJB Clinic our osteopaths carry out the desk assessments. So not only can we help to ensure the workstation is not causing the pain or hindering recovery, we will be able to offer advice or exercises to help with your pain. Or in more serious cases refer you for an initial consultation with one of the MJB Clinic osteopaths, to both diagnose and potentially treat the pain.

What will be assessed at the workstation assessment?

Each assessment is unique to that business and the user, however the assessment can be categorised into the following categories:
  • Set up of the workstation area
  •  Set up of the ergonomic equipment 
  • Users posture at the workstation – alter & educate  

Whether you are a seated user or a standing user, a comprehensive assessment is always carried out by the MJB Clinic, ensuring every component of your workstation is assessed.

Why us?

  • Qualified healthcare professionals and (DSE/VDU) workstation assessors.
  • HSE Guideline compliant. 
  • Can offer packages to suit your company’s requirements.  
  • Competitive price. 
  • Are able to prevent injury and treat injury.  
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