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Mothers' osteopathy in Putney and Godalming 

The experienced osteopaths at MJB Clinic can help you cope with the physical changes brought on by pregnancy. We offer our services for clients in South West London, Putney, Balham, Wandsworth, Clapham, Kingston and Barnes.

Mothers' clinic

The mothers' clinic works with you to support you during and after pregnancy.
Osteopathy is a gentle and effective therapeutic approach, which is safe at all stages of pregnancy. It can help your body cope with the physical stress and strain which can occur during pregnancy, during labour, or after your newborn baby has entered the world.

Osteopathy during pregnancy

During pregnancy, your body goes through emotional and chemical changes as well as physical. You are carrying an increasingly heavy load, leading to an increase in weight, and a shift in your centre of gravity, all a result of your body adapting to make space for your baby. These changes may begin to cause you aches and pains, often manifesting as back pain, neck pain, and hip pain. This can result in simple daily activities becoming painful such as sitting, walking, twisting or even rolling over in bed can cause you pain. Many mothers who have young children spend long periods of time holding them, all of which can be painful or uncomfortable. 

Pain such as this is not uncommon, you are not alone. However this does not mean you have to suffer. Pain is a sign that your body needs support and osteopathy can help you deal with the changes.

Osteopathy after pregnancy

A big side-effect during pregnancy is ligament softening or laxity - a vital occurrence to ensure the pelvic bones can widen for the baby to be born during labour. However, this laxity has an effect on the whole body, not just on the pelvis, making you more prone to injury both during and after pregnancy.
Previous injuries or postural adaptations (notably from desk based jobs) can make it more difficult to accommodate these changes, increasing the chances that you may suffer from pain.

Our osteopaths can also help and advise on postural position during feeding and while carrying your newborn baby, to help keep your pain away (do not forget to swap sides if you are bottle feeding).

Top tips when trying to sleep

If you sleep on your side, place one pillow under your baby bump, providing support and also one pillow between your knees, which helps guard against back injury.
If you lie on your back, place one pillow under your knees, keeping them bent, helping to reduce strain on your lower back and pelvis.
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