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If you are a corporate employee with back pain or other health issues, you can sign up for our corporate scheme for free and benefit from the osteopathic treatments we offer. 
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Why not join our corporate scheme?

Back pain alone resulted in 12.3 days of work to be missed by each UK worker suffering from back pain in 2013-2014, whilst other musculoskeletal complaints, inclusive of shoulder pain, neck pain and back pain caused over 8 million working days to be lost in 2013-2014. If you believe your company’s workforce, no matter how big or small it may be, would benefit from musculoskeletal treatment, MJB Clinic's corporate scheme may be able to help.

Osteopathic treatment will usually help to resolve work-related injuries earlier so that your workforce is more efficient and productive, reducing time off through ill-health. Some companies already benefit from using an osteopath as part of their care programme for employees, thereby improving morale and increasing productivity.

We offer our services in Putney, Balham, Wandsworth, Clapham, Kingston, Barnes and surrounding areas.
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The benefits of the corporate scheme include:

Corporate discount

It is free for you company to sign up and all your employees will benefit from a 15% discount on all the services MJB clinic provide, upon showing a company I.D. There are no hidden fees and no contract to sign.


Upon entering the corporate scheme we here at the MJB clinic can provide advice to your staff or the HR department on managing and treating musculoskeletal complaints.

Access to services

Upon entering the corporate scheme at MJB clinic your employees will receive a 15% discount to all the services we offer, which include osteopathy, sports massage, biomechanical assessments & sports injuries.

Site for service

MJB Clinic operates in Upper Richmond Road Putney, and is where your staff can make an appointment to see us (subject to availability). However if your company has available space we may be able to offer our services at your workplace, please contact us for more information.
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Signing up to the MJB Clinic scheme is completely free. All we ask for in return is your company works with us to promote our services and the associated discount to your employees. There are no fees to join the corporate scheme and no contract. If you would like to find out more information please use our contact form or email us at
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