Biomechanical Assessments

Biomechanical / Postural Assessments 

Maybe you keep getting injured, or you are spending increasing amounts of time sat at a desk, and are worried what effect this is having upon your body. A biomechanical assessment can help put your mind at rest, and identify any areas of dysfunction, and or asymmetry you may have. We will provide a report on our findings along with advice and recommendations to help prevent you from suffering an injury, or detrimental effects later on in life. 

Sports Specific - Pre Marathon Assessment 

 Biomechanical assessments can be great for athletes, perhaps you are trying to get that extra 5 yards on your golf swing, or have begun training for a marathon and want to avoid injury. By carrying out a biomechanical assessment we can identify whether you have asymmetry in your anatomical structure, which may predispose you to injury, or is preventing you reaching your maximum potential in your chosen sport. A biomechanical assessment can help identify this, and give advice and recommendations on how you can improve this, to maximise your game's potential. Regardless of the sport, or what area you wish to improve, contact us and we can prepare a biomechanical assessment to suit your requirements. 

How does it work?

The Biomechanical assessments are 45minutes in length, and they are a comprehensive assessment of the structure, alignment and function of your body. Each assessment is tailored to you, so if you are a golfer and wish to maximise the potential of your golf swing, we will assess the areas which are important to do this. This will involve putting your body through a range of active movements, flexibility testing, strength testing and a comprehensive osteopathic examination.
If you are suffering from pain we recommend you book in for Osteopathy or our sports injury clinic first, as this service is for those who are not currently suffering pain, and does not include any treatment.
For Biomechanical / Postural Assessments
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